9.Chris LaHaye(non-registered)
Doc, found your pics on photography-on-the.net forums. Your pictures are great! I'm an athletic trainer for Memorial Hospital and take a few pics myself.
8.Kathy Peel
Thanks for getting such great pictures of Austin!
7.Ryan King(non-registered)
doc nice pics
6.Penny Brown(non-registered)
You always take the most beautiful and amazing shots! Thanks for sharing.
5.Tim aka Wet Burrito King(non-registered)
Eeh, what's up Doc?
Love the shots Doc! You do such a good job! Keep up the good work!

3.Russie Rogers(non-registered)
Always love you work!
2.Dennis Thibodeaux(non-registered)
Love the layout of your site
1.Mike McCall(non-registered)
Good luck Doc.
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